Dream Chaser or Dream Cather?

When I graduated college in 2007, I had no idea what the hell my future would look like. And now, my present looks like how I pictured it in 2004 when I changed my major to Sports Management at East Stroudsburg University (I dare you to say that 5 times fast)

While being in a developing yet rural area of Pennsylvania for 4.5 years without a car meant it was difficult for me to grab the opportunities that existed if I were to go to school at home in the greater NYC area. As I might have been displeased, I can never regret the choice I made to go there. Little did I know, my coach had a family member that worked for United States Track and Field. That allowed me to volunteer for the biggest track meet in the country, this opportunity spurred the descision to change my major to Sports Management with the intent to work at USATF after college. Sadly, after applying before my graduation, I wasn’t even offered an interview. Being a recreation center attendant for 2 years fit me well to work at a gym after college. I though the money would be good, but I was wrong. The work was quite taxing on an emotional level because I was not able to utilize any of the skill sets I learned in college, or ones I learned from my colleages in the social media realm.

From researching Sports Marketing companies, I knew I wanted to try to get a career in any one of the communications companies in a sports capacity. I did everything in my power to create opportunities for myself, from starting this blog, to volunteering at various sports events, to going to networking functions. I was able to land a contract opportunity with an Experiential Marketing company, which made me ecstatic. As I joyfully performed my duties, I noticed the opportunities that existed for freelance event professionals. I also saw a huge difference from event professionals, to that of PR, and print or TV Advertising pros. As they all fit within the same function, the duties and expectations vary drastically and they all call for different skill sets. The more versatile you are, sometimes doesn’t make more valuable on the agency side, but more so on the client side. Although I loved the idea that when the project was done, my time was “MY” time, I still had an empty feeling that there is more that I could do to possibly change the program for next year. However, my strengths in the digital realm may have gone un-nurtured.

The scrutinous eye of the author on the failure and success of this blog, will go un noticed as my potential employers value any work that I have done in the digital space. As my experience with the tour mixed with a new found understanding of analytics, provided me with opportunities for interviews with four companies, in which prior to the tour, wouldn’t even look at my resume. I gladly accepted an opportunity from United States Track and Field. I can say that my push for a job in Marketing, and my thorough understanding of all things running has lead me to this Starbucks in Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis typing up this post.

As I have seen many individuals in this recession unhappy with their circumstances, I can say I was/am blessed to be around the ones who have made any descision to change their situation, even if it might have been the wrong one. As I still keep in touch with these individuals, (or I try to) I notice how they are handling life, and I see a huge difference than those who have been in the same roll for 10 years or more. Influenced by those both in and out of my generation, I can say I am proud to be as hungry as I am. I know its not done, but I think I’m on Chapter 2.

Till I write a new post, so long from Indy……

2 thoughts on “Dream Chaser or Dream Cather?

  1. Best of luck to you with regards to your move to Indy. This post is definitely a testament to the importance of networking and most importantly challenging yourself both professionally and personally.

  2. Congrats on sticking to your guns! What happens to a dream deferred… ?

    Motivation for me to keep going! That and I want to get back to a place where Chick fil-A is in my backyard lol. You never miss what you had until it’s gone!

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