First Friday’s Indy

Some kid from Jersey purchased a Flip-Cam a few months ago to help drive viral traffic for his job at USATF. He knew it was a risk, being that Flip-Cam just shut down its opperations.

As he has somewhat of an artistic spirit, he has had no formal training in the arts. He feels he needs to capture some of the esscence of the city that he just moved to a few months ago, to have some sort of documentation on his path to success.

He spent some time hanging out in the city on a Friday night by himself, and ended up with a few friends and probably some inspiration that he could bring back to his job at USA Track and Field.

First Fridays, is a collaborative effort of artists in Indianapolis. They open thier gallaries to the public so that lovers of thier art can purchase it and there for they won’t fall into the steryotpe of a starving artist and actually starve. Feel free to take a gander at his video of his expereince on his 1st “Frist Friday” in Indianapolis.

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