Homesick? Get over it…by doing this

When we are on our paths to greatness, we tend to forget that we are human beings. No matter what company we work for they may have a small roll if any in our personal lives. But if you are new to the city you basically have no personal life unless you know people that are there already.

A lot of young professionals move to cites without any connections and on sheer will they stick it out with the hope that their push to keep on with their careers will be their life.

Some individuals are ok with this. Other’s who might have seen themselves as tough willed and open minded could often experience periods of homesickness. Being homesick does not have to refer to where you grew up and where your family is either, some miss the fun and easy social scene in college.

There are many ways to ease this sense of homesickness:

  • Keep in touch with close friends and family, without their support you would not be where you are.
  • Reflect on yourself and find out the things that defines you as a person. This will give you a strong sense of self awareness which will give you confidence to go anywhere.
  • In the beginning, some of your closest friends and acquaintances will be your co-workers. Embrace their likes and ignore their dislikes. This will ease any loneliness factor. (This could work against you by playing a major roll in office politics. You do not want to be a part that of early on)
  • Do your best to embrace the local culture no matter what it is. Learning about new  things and cultures is a part of growing up. It is important to realize that what you are used to might not exist everywhere. This will help expand your perspective of the country and the world. (There may be times when those around you are not as open to new things, you have to live by the “when in rome” proverb)
  • Enjoy the company of this new culture, but still never forget where you came from. Look for the appropriate opportunities to introduce some of what reminds you of “home” to this new environment. It will allow your surroundings to draw from your experiences (maybe)
  • Designate a go-to bar/restaurant/ hang out spot, look for one that has a variety of choices of people, food, drinks, and entertainment. Get to know a bartender and/or doorman. This will help you connect with people that you do not see on a daily basis. It may give you a better, realer POV of the city you are in.
  • It is crucial that you do your best not to criticize the city you are in for its ills, instead embrace any positive uniqueness that it may have and make that a regular part of you life while you are out their. This will boost your morale in life and at your job.

There may be many other circumstances that may exist, that will help a young pro cope with being in a new city.

I hope this helps. Get up off your bum and go see stuff.

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