Power of freedom/freedom of expression on Tumblr

Cheers to the Social Media network that is the secondary lowercase “t.”

I hopped on Tumblr a few months ago to see what the hype was about and I got hooked.

Blogging platforms have allowed us to express ourselves as freely as we can. Tumblr allows us to curate our passions and likes onto a creative platform. It is quite easy to chose one of the graphically striking formats to showcase your stuff. For what a post may lack in copy, it makes up for it in any visual representation.

With Instagram (And Instagram type services for other smartphones) people can create a vintage artistic representation of things they find to be cool and post it on their Tumblr’s. This is very authentic, because anything you capture with your phone is most likely random. A great plus is you can embed Youtube, and Vimeo videos into your posts. For music it allows you to embed Soundcloud audio into your post.

Twitter and Facebook can be forms of expression but there are some barriers for people to truly express themselves. Twitter is too random and followers tend to have the attention span of a toddler, plus it uses third party websites for its photos. For music and videos, you can only post links. Facebook has way too many things going on, and too many changes happen.  Plus Facebook has always been to generic to be looked at as an expression platform.

From a Marketing standpoint, I don’t think there is a way brands can measure how posting to Tumblr can relate to sales. But anyone who has a job where they have to keep their brand culturally up to date, it is a wise choice to use this as a cooler version of  a Flickr account. Of course it should be used in conjunction with Twitter. Fashion brands have capitalized on this a whole lot more than any other brand, mainly because they must keep abreast and educate people on changes that happen each season. Spam free is awesome, but I hope to see more analytics other than how many likes or reblogs a post has.


As I might have been neglecting this WordPress blog, I have been freely posting on my tumblr. Feel free to follow me here on Tumblr Robert Innis’ Tumblr

Take a look at the founder David Karp as he elaborates on  why he invented Tumblr.  It makes so much sense.


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