Indianapolis does not suck (After Super Bowl XLVI)

Indianapolis did an amazing job hosting Super Bowl XLVI.

When I first moved  here in March, I had high hopes. Because I was in a new city and I was open to new experiences. As nice of a guy that I am, I came to realize that I am not that nice. I started to dislike how un-East Coast like Indianapolis was. In my judgmental eyes this place was just slow, behind the times, and simply whack.

But then Super Bowl 46 came.

The hype that I am used to for events was there, but I still thought it was going to be like any other event this city has hosted. When I started seeing droves of people coming in, I grew impressed with the hospitality they showed. Holy S%&t was there an upbeat atmosphere. The zip line had an eight hour wait. There were people drinking out of aluminum Bud Light bottles, and some out of red Solo cups. Music shows, night clubs, and tents hosting acts to the likes of Drake, J Cole, and George Clinton. Some were priced as high as $200. My fiscally concessions self just chose to go to a DJ  set by Kid Capri. It kinda brought me back to the days of 90’s Def Comedy Jam.

What also made it great, is the fact that the stadium is downtown near all the action. You could be downtown in a hotel, and not have to catch a cab, bus, or train. (I wish they had one though) The level of accessibility was great. Even where I live (6 miles from downtown) they had plenty of things for visitors and residents to do. The only terrible part was our usually free – $5 for parking,was $100 on game day. As long as someone made money on it, I can honor an honest dollar.

After hearing tons of  positive feedback by people from the land of the “Giant” men, I am convinced that this place isn’t as whack as I thought almost a year ago. I am not too sure if any other city can put on an event like this. Ill just have to wait till 2014 to see what happens back home when NY/NJ hosts the Super Bowl.

 Till next time, Ill leave you with this.

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