Interview: Latham Hawkins (Wardrobe Stylist)

The tagline I have heard a lot since I have been out here is that, “Indianapolis is a big city with a small town feel.” With that said; I have much respect for the goal oriented people out here because they approach each task with the utmost humbleness. This type of easy-going attitudes makes it easy to connect with like-minded individuals (Once you find them)

Latham Hawkins , is a Wardrobe Stylist I met at a networking event for Pattern; an origination that supports the growing fashion industry that is in Indianapolis. From talking with him and his photographer girlfriend, there were many wise words we shared that truly inspired me. Because of that I had to keep this cat in my Rolodex (Do those still exist?)

I had a chance to have coffee with him one day to go over some of his career goals, and how he got to this point in his life. Here is what he had to say:

Learning about his experiences was enough to see why he entered this field. If he wasn’t in the fashion industry, I’m sure he would have had an inspirational part in the Arts.

I love that he is able to stay true to himself and not have to appease to anyone else. Too often, people from major cities get caught up with trying to emulate someone else. So much so, that “Swagger” gets copied ten times over because every one is trying to be “Fly.”

What I learned from him was that you don’t have sell out to anything or anybody to be successful in whatever field you love.

Stay tuned to what this dude can offer, you won’t be disappointed.

Browse his recent success:

Ryan McDaniels – Naive

He was the Wardrobe Stylist for the video, and was featured as  “The Other Guy.” The Video was featured on 106 & Park as a new video in January.

An editorial in a online fashion magazine: Pattern

View his Website/Portfolio. Follow him on Twitter.


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