A superfan in a concrete jungle

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My Garmin a block from my Air bnb in the west village

Having to travel a ton for work can be a bit exhausting at times, however whenever we get a chance to go to bigger cities I fully embrace it. Most of our events being marathon expos we usually decide to not stick around because we would rather head back to Indy.

This trip to NY was a bit of a change from my typical marathon expo. This was the New York Marathon, the biggest marathon in the world. That coupled with the fact that I was about 30 min from where I grew up, I was ecstatic to be able to stick around and watch the race instead of head back to the midwest on race day.

The morning of the marathon started out rough. I got out of bed off of only 4 hrs of sleep, yet still motivated to catch the women’s and the men’s elite lead pack in Brooklyn. I was able to stumble out of bed and make it to the train to get the Barclays Center right before the women’s lead pack crossed Atlantic ave. Soon after, I caught the men’s lead pack.

East Harlem – Dos Alas

I made a quick dash back to the train, lucky enough to hop on the express 4 train to 86th st. That put me in a spot with ample time to catch the lead pack of the men’s race around 86th st and 1st ave near Mile 17.

After missing the women’s lead pack and catching the men’s lead pack, I had some time to kill till I saw my brother. A walk/jog to Harlem (Uptown) was next on my list. Since I needed to get my miles in, I decided to dash over the Lennox ave (Ode to Cam).

Once I got to Lennox, I slowly creeped my way up to 138th st where the runners get off of the bridge from the bronx.

The vibe in Harlem was super hyped, which is just what some of the runners needed. With the energy that was there, I had to joining in some of the fun.

I saw a gathering of running crews (#bridgethegap) and had to stop and watch, especially since I saw Bridge Runners post their location to Instagram.  The the gathering they had looked like a mini block party.

From Harlem, I ventured back down to Central park to try to spot my brother in which I know he was hurting. I saw people running with their friends and family so I figured I would do the same when I saw him.  It was pretty surreal running a few miles with my brother (Even though Alicia Keys beat him).

After all was said and done, I now have it in the back of my head to Run the NY Marathon (One day).

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