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    This blog has evolved as my life (Robert Innis) has evolved. It started as one to experiment with PR and new forms of digital media. Then I went to talk about life. Now its about however the heck I am feeling. I do hope to make it bigger than it really is, if I don't Ill still have fun with it.

    Enjoy :-P

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Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

My home state, New Jersey was severly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost someone due to this terrific storm. I am grateful that my family only suffered from the minor effects of the storm, i.e. power outage and gas problems. I would love to use my connection to people … Continue reading


Interview: A Squared Industries

A passion for music is one of the major motivators for A Squared Industries. As part of the boost in the music scene in Indy, this married couple has had their hand in this boost. My first experience with A Squared Industries consisted of Rolling Rock, Baltimore Club music, and a Back to the Future … Continue reading


Interview: Latham Hawkins (Wardrobe Stylist)

The tagline I have heard a lot since I have been out here is that, “Indianapolis is a big city with a small town feel.” With that said; I have much respect for the goal oriented people out here because they approach each task with the utmost humbleness. This type of easy-going attitudes makes it … Continue reading


Indianapolis does not suck (After Super Bowl XLVI)

Indianapolis did an amazing job hosting Super Bowl XLVI. When I first moved  here in March, I had high hopes. Because I was in a new city and I was open to new experiences. As nice of a guy that I am, I came to realize that I am not that nice. I started to … Continue reading

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Power of freedom/freedom of expression on Tumblr

Cheers to the Social Media network that is the secondary lowercase “t.” I hopped on Tumblr a few months ago to see what the hype was about and I got hooked. Blogging platforms have allowed us to express ourselves as freely as we can. Tumblr allows us to curate our passions and likes onto a … Continue reading

Personal Branding

I found this perusing LinkedIn. I thought it would be wise to share this with some of the readers that I may have. It is in Flash so do not feel bad if you cannot view this. Personal Branding 2.0 by Social Media & Digital PR Strategist Ty Jennings View more presentations from TyJennings

Homesick? Get over it…by doing this

When we are on our paths to greatness, we tend to forget that we are human beings. No matter what company we work for they may have a small roll if any in our personal lives. But if you are new to the city you basically have no personal life unless you know people that … Continue reading

Cultural Blending

**Disclaimer: I am not a Sociologist, or a Cultural Anthropologist. These are strictly my opinions, however I welcome comments of criticism or praise** Stereotyping is a defense mechanism. It debilitates us by keeping us away from things that could be an inspirational part of our lives. Because those inspirational things are not introduced to us … Continue reading


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